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What SmartBlock™ is...

SmartBlock™ is ConForm's trade name for lightweight, hollow foam blocks. They're made of expanded polystyrene - similar to the rigid, white material of take-out coffee cups. They're like giant toy building blocks. Workers can easily stack them into walls, which then become the forms into which concrete is poured. Right, concrete. To make your house!

The big difference is, these forms are not the usual half-acre of forest timber that gets wastefully tossed aside. SmartBlock forms remain in place for the life of your home - as world-class insulation.

Conform has the distinct advantage over most conventional forms of wall construction in that it can easily be cut with a hand-saw to create angled walls, curved walls, and openings of any size or shape. Such design elements are often eliminated from conventional construction methods because of additional costs incurred, but with Conform, such features all add to the aesthetic quality and value of a building without necessarily adding cost.

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