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Impel Inc. offers custom residential designs with a heavy European influence. Outside, special exterior treatments with refined accents and details are used to achieve an unostentatious but elegant look. Inside, proficient layouts maximize usable space by minimizing or eliminating corridors and “dead” space while also generating high-impact yet practical, warm, and comfortable interiors.

We are also proud to utilize technology to enhance our customers’ experience. In addition to being able to show our customers what their home will look like within a particular natural setting via 3-D imagery, Impel Inc. is a SouthEast distributor for Conform (SmartBlock™). Our extensive expertise and experience with engineered walls helps us maximize the utility of this superb product and enables us to offer our customers not only a fine “Old World” design but homes that are also capable of withstanding hurricanes, tornadoes, and even some earthquakes. In addition to strength and durability, Conform walls also offer superior insulation, making the home one of the most energy efficient on the market with savings large enough to turn a 30-year mortgage into a 20-year one.

Whether you are in the market for a finished home in the Charlotte area or looking to design-build your dream home (we’ve collaborated with customers building homes as far as Hawai’i) we can be of assistance.


Mirko Djuranovic
Owner/General Contractor/Assoc. AIA
7804C Fairview Road
Suite 301
Charlotte, NC 28226


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